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Affordable High-Quality Weighted Blankets

Holiday Sale!  Special deals if you purchase before the end of December!

boy with a blue blanket
child with a pink blanket


Reduced from

$59.99 to $39.99


Reduced from

$59.99 to $39.99

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blue blanket
girl with puppy toy


Reduced from

$59.99 to $39.99



Customer Testimonials

"Improving attention span and concentration for my daughter!

With my daughter who has many special needs now learning virtually at home, it has been very difficult for her to stay focused on the computer. With sensory dysregulation, learning difficulties, and difficult behaviors, this weighted lap puppy has been very helpful and effective! She loves how soft and comforting the material feels. It is just the right amount of weight. I highly recommend for any student and especially those children with special needs! Great quality product!"

"A God send!

I recommend this product highly. Touch is very important to children and these products help to stimulate a child's need to be comforted."

"Good Sleep Charm. Works like a charm for granddaughter’s sleep terrors."

"Very nice quality!

This is a perfect weight for my husband's restless leg syndrome! It's very soft and I like it because its machine washable!"

So soft & great quality!

This blanket is so soft! I love the weight! We use it as a throw blanket while when we sit on the couch. Actually, our dog is always on it we have to get the blanket from her.

"A lifesaver...

My son is on the spectrum and has started using this Huggaroo blanket on his lap while doing homework. It has reduced his stress level that surrounds homework time and has enabled him to pay attention for longer periods of time. If only we knew about this brand sooner."

"5 Stars

I love this blanket! The color is beautiful in person and it's super soft. The weight is evenly distributed and feels perfect. It's soothing without being too heavy. The size is great and the texture of the material is comforting as well. On a side note along with being a high quality product, shipping is super fast and customer service with this company is amazing . You can feel confident in purchasing knowing you're supporting small business. Don't hesitate to buy it!"

"Perfect Way to Relax

I love my weighted blanket. The cover is soft and comfortable, that along with the gentle weight is the perfect way to sink into a state of peacefulness. I look forward to sitting down at the end of a busy day, pulling the blanket on, and feeling the soft weight over my shoulders, trunk and legs. Just thinking about it brings a deeper breath and a feeling of letting go. Thank you Huggaroo for the attention to detail that produced such a high-quality product. I recommend the throw and know from other Huggaroo products I've purchased that your satisfaction is guaranteed."

Perfect for my kid

Perfect size for my 5 year old who struggles with anxiety and emotional self control. When she feels overwhelmed or worked up a few minutes under the Huggaroo calms her right down. The weight is a perfect amount too. Ver soft and we like the ribbed texture. Sensory satisfied :)

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