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Keeping It Local

Kamp For Kids serves many communities by providing food, camps, bowling events, trampoline events, tickets to sporting events, trips to State Parks, and sensory-friendly care packages to children.  Kamp For Kids has also established many food donation locations.  Kamp For Kids does not own an office or property but rather rents out facilities and coordinates with other non-profits to provide services. 


Click here for more details about Kamp For Kids program locations.  If you would like to make a financial donation to Kamp For Kids and want your donation to benefit individuals in your local community, then mail your donation to the post office box address below which is closest to your area.  We do not own a camp property in your area, nor in any area, but when we receive your donation at our post office box address nearest to you, it alerts us to work with you to serve individuals in your area. Please include your email and phone number with your donation so we can easily communicate with you. Then contact Tim Morton at   We serve all the regions listed below.  We cannot control which individuals request our services, but we want to serve your community.  We welcome you to refer individuals to our services so that your local community will benefit from your donation.  We know you care about your local area, and we do too! 

Our staff is often in your local area, dropping off food, hand-made blankets, care packages, and camp flyers.  We coordinate with organizations in your community to make our services possible.  We have established phone numbers so you can have easy access to us even if your phone plan doesn't include long distance: Call us at 302-551-7388 for help in Delaware. Call us at 570-526-1444 for help in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Call us at 609-808-6661 or 856-390-4176 for help in South Jersey. Call us at 973-833-6009 for help in Central Jersey.  Call us at 814-799-0022 for help in Central Pennsylvania. Call us at 717-746-0007 for help in Central and South-Central Pennsylvania. Call us at 610-860-6637 for help in Montgomery, Berks, Lehigh, Northampton, Chester, and Delaware Counties of Pennsylvania.

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Kamp For Kids

Providing resources for children with autism and youth who are underserved by offering free camps and other fun events