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COVID-19 Programs and Resources 

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Covid-19 Camp Programs:

The Literacy Initiative is offering  camp programs for kids due to 

covid. Families can find more info

regarding the program as well as

register their children by going to:     

Families can also register by going to

Kamp For Kids has distributed over 10,000 pounds of food so far during the pandemic


Kamp For Kids hosted

an event called "Pizza with

a Purpose" in which 100  families were given Jules Thin Crust Pizza as also a baked treat from Panera Bread

Kamp For Kids has been delivering meals to front line workers such as law enforcement and medical personnel


Kamp For Kids has been

providing drive-in movie

nights so families can get

out of the home and have

fun without having to go 

into over-crowded areas.

Kamp For Kids has hosted many drive-through food festivals during the pandemic allowing families to get out and enjoy themselves during the pandemic


Kamp For Kids has distributed gift cards to Giant and Weis Supermarkets during the pandemic to assist families with food needs

Click here to find food

banks closest to you:

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Kamp For Kids

Providing resources for children with autism and youth who are underserved by offering free camps and other fun events